Universal healing art

"My goal is to share this ancient and Eternal energy with all, and to bring more beauty, healing and peace into the world."

Fran M. Brousil, Reiki- Master teacher

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Master- Teacher Fran Brousil.

**What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of natural healing believed to have originated in Tibet, and to have been later rediscovered in Japan in the mid 1900's. " Rei" means Universal Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness of God/ Creation. " KI" means, Universal Life Force. The theory of Reiki, is that universal Wisdom knows the root of all problems and the best way for each individual to heal. The universal Life force flows through our bodies and the energy field which surrounds each of us, supporting life and our bodily functions. If there is a restriction in the flow or it is diminished, one becomes susceptible to illness, stress or disease.
Reiki works by flowing through the body helping it to rid itself of unbalanced/ negative energies, toxins, re-vitalizing it while adding to you own Life Force Energy. It " fills in " areas where energy is in low flow, thus allowing healing to take place in the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies as well as physical.

It is believed that Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, relieving stress by balancing and increasing its' energies; which can also help to improve awareness and creativity. It is safely used with all healing modalities. It enhances their use and has been said to help decrease side effects of medications.

Something important to understand Reiki is not a religion and it is not required that anyone be of a specific belief for this healing energy to help them. However, it is believed that in order for Reiki to have lasting results, the client must accept responsibility for his/her healing process and take an active part in striving to improve his/her life.

**What does a session consist of?
Reiki Sessions can be done seated or laying down, with the client and practitioner remained fully clothed, except for the removal of shoes. A session usually lasts about an hour and consists of the practitioner placing their hands on or above various positions corresponding to the patients needs. this may be just the energy centers (major chakras and minor chakras), or areas of discomfort while allowing energy to flow through his/her hands to the client.

What should I expect to experience during a treatment?
Reiki is experienced differently by each individual. Most report feeling it as a very relaxing experience with a sense of peace and well-being. Other's describe having a tingling sensation in the body, feelings of warmth or heat ( like a heater in the practitioner's hands), coolness or a sensation " similar to a breeze" across the body.

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Frances M. Brousil